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வாழ்க்கை ஒரு பரிசு

vazhkai oru parisu
Price: 250.00

250.00 gms


n LIFE IS A GIFT, Gill Edwards offers four cosmic secrets for creating the life of your dreams: * Seeing life as a gift * Understanding the law of attraction * Feeling your way into the flow * Practising unconditional love. By putting these secrets into practice, you can make every dream come true- whether you want greater success and prosperity, good health, loving relationships, your ideal job or home, make a difference in the world or simply find inner peace and joy.
y     :    Gill Edwards
SBN     :    978-81-8322-278-5
eight     :    210 gms
imensions    :    130 x 200
otal Pages    :    248 pp

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