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Darker Tuesday

Darker Tuesday
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A teenage girl gone missing without any clue. Police complaint was filed. Family suspected it to be a kidnap but there were no traces of kidnap, rivals or any ransom calls. But still there was series of questions like where Ivana left, why she left and what happened to her. Without any clue from Ivana’s friends, family and teachers, inspector and his detective friend decided to do a forensic search in the girl’s room. Everything seemed normal other than the stinking smell all over and with great discussions between them they found that there was a large breed dog or more than one was in that room along with Ivana but none of the family members have not seen it at all. That was strange
After finding out this the case started getting crucial new diversions. The girl’s entire Google search history was taken and her system was hacked and they found out that she has been working on black magic and talking to spirits. She has used Dark net browser and brought magic spells. Later in investigation police found she has spent huge sum to get fake passport and visa and fly to Australia. Even after getting many leads on this case, police don’t have any idea about her invisible pet and where is it now. There were not even able to find out which breed dog it was.  With its hair traces they were trying to find which breed it is. It wasn’t matching with anything as it wasn’t a dog at all. It was a Ware wolf which was fed with raw meat every night in her bedroom.
Now, where did it go? To Australia? Along with the ware wolf? Why nobody saw it? Why is that invisible to everyone? How did it come to her house or she created one with black magic? What does she want?
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