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Power Grammar

Power Grammar
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Whether  you’re  a high school or college  student,                                                                                                     test-prep candidate, or working professional,                                                                                     Power Grammar offers  a  review of language that                                                                                     is both relevant  and distilled.

A Wealth of examples, charts and engaging excercises makes this an invaluable guide to unlocking the power of communications and mastering the English language. Enjoy the benefits of your own self-paced grammar course with:

  • ·         100 – question quiz on the major grammar groups – subject – verb agreement, pronoun usage, modification, parallelism, comparisons, and verb tenses.
  • ·         A Collection of 50 – plus word pairings highlighting differences between easily confused word choices: who or whom? May be or maybe? Different from or different than?
  • ·         A compilation of 200 idioms and understand tricky grammatical phrases. Do we prefer X to Y or prefer X over Y? in comparison  to or in comparison with ? regarded as regarded to be?
  • ·         A selection of 30 multiple – choice problems, complete with explanations and authors note and integrating key concepts of grammar, diction, idioms and style.
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