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MADHAVI-The Virgin

MADHAVI The Virgin
Price: 120.00

Number Of Pages
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''We have succeeded on technology and we have succeeded in capturing outer space.Yet we have failed in one sphere:in capturing our internal space.Each person has to fight this battle individually.No scientist or sage can do this battle for us.There are webs of issues which make up this problem:mam-women relationship, morality of man and morality of woman.Forgetting what is true,or maybe not understanding it,we have clung to some external values.Whatever be the logical interpretations that are provided,this is an issue that an individualmust think,live and solve for himself.How Kaalavan,Madhavi,Yayati,Vishwamitra and the threekings succeed in this endevor or fail is depicted in this movel by Venkatraman.    Thi .Janakiragm

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